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Abbey's Impact


Abbey impacted so many in her 9 short years.  She was a member of her school’s Me to We club, always looking for ways to raise awareness or funds for helping others.  In her own life, she made batches of bath bombs with a friend to sell, raising money for a local women’s shelter.  She spent one Christmas gathering donations for Syrian refugee families new to Canada.  She made sandwiches and participated in a Street Patrol, handing them out to the city’s homeless.  Abbey advocated for girls and women, for Positive Space, for breaking out of traditional ideas of what anyone had to be, based on their identities.  She stood up against bullies and befriended everyone.  She loved art, sports and exploring the world.  She was silly and funny, kind and joyful – qualities that were contagious in her company.

Most of all, she loved… and is so loved in return.


Abbey’s Goal 2019


Abbey’s Goal is proud to announce our goals for 2019:

Abbey’s Book Club

We have curated a list of 10 of Abbey’s favourite books from over the years. These books are a reflection of Abbey’s passions, values and her story. This year, we hope to donate these sets of books to boys and girls clubs, shelters, family centres, hospitals and schools around the city, so that Abbey’s ideas and spirit may impact hundreds of more children. It is our hope that in reading them, children everywhere will be inspired to live, and love, like Abbey. You can support this year’s goal by purchasing your own set of books from Abbey’s Book Club. These books will be a beautiful addition to your home library, your child’s classroom or gifted to others. We hope that when you read them, you think of Abbey and are inspired to spread love.


the Little Native Hockey League

Abbey's Goal is excited and proud to be working with the Little NHL to support their annual tournament for First Nation Youth hockey players. The Little NHL is founded and run by Indigenous leaders and First Nations communities and has been played in by generations of young hockey players for the last 49 years. The tournament is based on the pillars of Sportsmanship, Respect, Citizenship and Education, the very values that Abbey showed daily both on and off the ice. This year, Abbey's Goal hopes to raise funds to donate to the Little NHL tournament as well as build relationships between the Little NHL and The Etobicoke Dolphins, bringing some of our young girls' teams together to share their passion on the ice.